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1   Link   Husainiyat.com
A database of Majlis, Nauhe and Ziyarat.
2   Link   Dar Tabligh
For e-Books, Books, Lecture, Duas etc
3   Link   Azadari.com
For many lectures & audio material
4   Link   Al Hikmeh
Website of Arabic Duas
5   Link   Duas In German
Duas in German
6   Link   Islam In Urdu
Urdu site for Duas
7   Link   Dua Books
Website for books regarding Duas
8   Link   Hussainy.com
This website is a beautiful collection of Kashmiri Nouha, Marsiya, Majalis, etc.
9   Link   Allahabad Azadari
Site having description about azadari in Allahabad-UP

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Bertrand Russell on Islam

(1872-1970) British philosopher, mathematician, and Nobel laureate, whose emphasis on logical analysis greatly influenced the course of 20th-century philosophy.

       "Our use of the phrase 'the Dark Ages' to cover the period from 699 to 1,000 marks our undue concentration on Western Europe… From India to Spain, the brilliant civilization of Islam flourished. What was lost to Christendom at this time was not lost to civilization, but quite the contrary… To us it seems that West-European civilization is civilization; but this is a narrow view."

[History of Western Philosophy, London, 1948, p. 419]