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Constitution Anjuman-e-Haideri (Regd.) Delhi
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Rules and Regulations

Membership and Duties of Members:

1. Any adult shia who agrees to pay the subscription and observes the rules and regulations may, subject to the approval of Managing committee becomes a member except those who are paid employees of Anjuman or occupant as a tenant of any property of Anjuman.

2. There will be two kinds of members of the Anjuman and for both membership there will be an admission fee of Rs 100/-
a) Ordinary member: that is those members who pay fixed monthly subscription.
b) Life members i.e. those members who pay a lump sum amount of Rs 1000/-

3. Adult Non Shia may become helpers of the Anjuman (well wishers).The helpers of Anjuman may pay a monthly or annual subscription in addition to donations.He may attend the meetings of the Anjuman and may offer his advice, but he shall not be entitled to vote.

4. Subscriptions: Two kinds of subscriptions will be raised for the Anjuman and for any membership there will be a fee of Rs 100/- as entrance fee.Compulsory ie Rs 5/- per month or Rs 60/- Annually.Life membership ie minimum Rs 1000/- in lump sum amount.


(a) The subscription shall be payable every month.
(b) The General Secretary with the approval of the Managing Committee, may strike off the name of any member who has failed to pay his subscription without  adequate reasons for five consecutive months after giving him one month’s notice in writing to pay his arrears.
(c) The Anjuman shall also be at liberty to collect donations according to its reuirements.

5. The Managing Committee.
For the conduct and management of the Anjuman there shall be a Managing Committee, consisting of the following posts.
(I) President (2) Vice-President (3) General Secretary(4) Joint Secretary (5)Waqf Secretary (N) Propaganda secretary (7) Financial Secretary (8) Auditor (Internal) and twelve elected members.


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