World Harmony Day

On the occasion of  ‘Masoom ka  Tazia’ the 7th Rabiulawwal, held on 19 Dec. 2015, Anjuamn e Haideri (regd.) called upon people from all faiths to observe this day as ‘World Harmony Day’, bringing together scholars, spiritual leaders, and diplomats.

Along with the spiritual leaders and scholars diplomats from Syria, Russia, Iran & Iraq participated, discuss and explain the cultural diversity among the muslim world, inclusiveness, respect for each other and sense of belonging for everyone and to recognize the strength.


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Featured Views

William Montgomery Watt on Prophet Muhammad

(1909- ) Professor (Emeritus) of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

q       "His readiness to undergo  persecutions  for his beliefs, the high moral character of the men who believed in him and looked up to him as leader, and the  greatness  of  his  ultimate achievement - all argue his fundamental integrity.  To suppose Muhammad an  impostor  raises more problems than it solves. Moreover, none  of the great figures of history is so poorly appreciated in the West as Muhammad."

[Mohammad At Mecca, Oxford, 1953, p. 52]