List of presidents and secretaries

The List of Presidents till date:

  • Janab Syed Abid Ali
  • Janab Syed Husain Ali Jafri
  • Janab Syed Muzafffar Husain Zaidi
  • Janab Syed Askari Rizvi Marhoom
  • Janab Syed Abul Kalam Qaiser Zaidi
  • Janab Syed Mehmood Haider Naqvi
  • Janab Lt Col Asad Ali Rizvi
  • Janab S M Aqil Kazmi
  • Janab Ali Irshad Rizvi
  • Janab Mushir Ali Mirza
  • Janab S. Ali Zaheen Naqvi
  • Janab S. Nayyar Ali Taqvi



The List of Secretaries till date:

Janab Agha Mirza Qazil Bash

  • Janab Syed Aulad Husain ‘Saqi’ Lucknowi
  • Janab Baqar Mehdi
  • Janab Syed Askari Rizvi
  • Janab Amrat Husain
  • Janab Zulfiqar Ahmed
  • Janab Shakir Husain
  • Janab Syed Zeeshan Raza Zaidi
  • Janab Syed Jafar Abbas Safvi
  • Janab Mushir Ali Mirza
  • Janab Syed Jafar Abbas Safavi
  • Janab Syed Nayyer Ali
  • Janab S. Raza Irshad Rizvi
  • Janab S. Bahadur Abbas Naqvi

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Washington Irving on Prophet Muhammad

(1783-1859) Well-known as the “first American man of letters".


q       “He was sober and abstemious in his diet, and a rigorous observer of fasts. He indulged in no magnificence of apparel, the ostentation of a petty mind; neither was his simplicity in dress affected, but the result of a real disregard to distinction from so trivial a source ... In his private dealings he was just. He treated friends and strangers, the rich and poor, the powerful and the weak, with equity, and was beloved by the common people for the affability with which he received them, and listened to their complaints ... His military triumphs awakened no pride nor vain glory, as they would have done had they been effected for selfish purposes. In the time of his greatest power he maintained the same simplicity of manners and appearance as in the days of his adversity. So far from affecting regal state, he was displeased if, on entering a room, any unusual testimonial of respect were shown to him."

[Life of Mahomet, London, 1889, pp. 192-3, 199]